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What We Do

Our motto is to hike, kayak, camp, and spend time outdoors sustainably. Follow our blogs to keep up to date with the latest hiking tips, juggling life with outdoor time and how to be an eco-friendly outdoors-person.
Our goals are simple. Make planning your next trip easier. Inspire you to find you next adventure. And to be adventurous while highlighting sustainable outdoor recreation. Along the way, I'll be completing yearly challenges to keep myself motivated!


Get Involved

Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for ways to feature other adventures to help us broaden our views of the state of Wisconsin- sadly, we can't go everywhere! Go to our contacts page to see how you can get involved!


Thank You

Whether you contribute photos, blog posts, or read our blogs as they come out, we appreciate your support. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

The Challenge


Hiking: 365 Miles

This year Chrissy and mascot Packer-Bear will hike 365 miles to complete last year's unfinished challenge. Chrissy planned to hike 520 miles last year, but came up short due to minor health concerns and a surgery. Chrissy ended up hiking just short of 300 miles but had a wonderful time on the way despite of not reaching the goal. It's all about the journey not the destination!

Kayaking: 12 Lakes

Join Chrissy and mascot Packer-Bear on a journey across Wisconsin's inland lakes and bodies of water. In 2018, Chrissy planned to kayak on 52 lakes (for 52 weeks in a year). A few minor health issues came up, but the year ended with kayaking on 19 lakes. Taking into consideration all that had come up, Chrissy realized the true goal was not a number but rather the entire experience. This year Chrissy will kayak on 12 inland lakes across Wisconsin and fully enjoy the beauty each has to offer. Watch out for more blogs coming this spring to see what is in store!

Visiting: Every State Park

This is a lifetime goal. Visiting every Wisconsin State Park is a marathon, not a sprint. Join her on the journey to learn the history and trails of every park and maybe you will find your favorite. Each park has its own unique aspect. Follow us to learn how you can keep our parks clean and camp sustainably.