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Give A Daam Ventures LLC


Marissa's Story on the origin of Give A Daam: "When I was entering my junior year of college at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, I took it upon myself to find a rental house for myself and five of my girlfriends, which was actually quite a feat in the unaccomodating neighborhoods surrounding the campus. Eventually, I discovered our landlord who was a self-made property flipper and he agreed to rent his recently completed project to a handful of college women. This experience was when I first acknowledged the unfulfilled demand in my city, which I came to realize is actually a demand across the state, and decided to make it my mission to introduce more single family residential housing opportunities for UWGB students.

But anyone with a couple grand and mediocre handyman ability's can be a landlord and after discussing this idea with several of my friends who attended to other universities, I became sickened by the seemingly crooked act of their landlords demanding an excessive sum of money from resource stricken college students to rent a property that fell significantly below what I deemed adequate.

Giveadaam Ventures exists to provide affordable housing options to these students, but not at the sake of quality or the environment. Unlike many housing developers, I work for an architect that specializes in near net-zero energy design, so every house I introduce intends to produce more energy than its tenants will consume.

And that is our beginning."

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