Where am i in the challenge?

Hiking Challenge


100.5/365 Miles

I am just under a third of my goals for the year. I got ahead in January, but fell a little behind during my grad school semester and another long winter. May has been a huge month though and a lot more to happen this summer!

Kayaking Challenge


0/12 Lakes

So far there hasn't been kayaking , but I'm hoping to get out soon. For now I'll enjoy the water views from the trails!

State Park Challenge


My goal is to discover the beauty of ever Wisconsin State Park. By when? I'm not sure; the beauty of hiking is that it is a marathon not a sprint. So far I've been to 32, but I've only blogged 30 of them (so 32/48). I cannot wait to experience more in my lifetime.

Life Goal Challenge


In addition to visiting every Wisconsin State Park (and every State Forest and Recreation Area), I want to fully experience Wisconsin. Over my life, I'd like to hike every Wisconsin State Trail and the Ice Age Trail, totaling in about 2,500 miles between all of them. I'll be quite busy, but there is nothing better than being in nature!

State Trails and Ice Age Trail Segments Finished

State Trails (0/40)

-As of now, none are completed, but I've made progress on many including the Fox River Trail, Nicolet Trail, and Devils River Trail!

Ice Age Trail  Segments (West to East)

-Plover River (Marathon County)

-Dells of the Eau Claire (Marathon County)

-Indian Lake County Park (Dane County)

-Dunes Segment (Manitowoc County)

-City of Two Rivers (Manitowoc County)